Pergola Galore!

BLUEROOM researched the design potential for building a patio villa on a 1.000 m2 site, in a region in the south east of France. The Client requested a striking, contemporary design that blends into its natural context. A residence that can absorb changing needs in the future, such as extra children, in-living parents or in-living nurse. BLUEROOM welcomed this task as a balancing act between expressive and subtle design, to create a compact patio villa that facilitates both the interaction between its users, as well as the comfort of privacy when so desired.

The villa has a clear orthogonal floorplan that organizes strict separations between offices & guest quarters on the east side, living room & kitchen on the north side, and private spaces of family members on the west side of the patio. A swimming pool completes the patio on the south side, leaving a panoramic view towards the landscape for all spaces and terraces.

The resulting composition creates from each vantage point a unique atmospheric perspective, adding depth and layers to the patio residence.

The client is one of the founders of an innovative product design firm, with a profound interest in off-grid buildings, and responsible construction materials. The house will be self-sufficient for its water cycle. The natural pool with patio creeks creates a self-sustained, chemical free biotope for plant life. The evaporation of the creek and pool water will help the natural cooling down of the outdoor terraces and adjacent indoor spaces. The construction will primarily consist of Pierres stones that are sourced locally, and of responsibly sourced wood for the load bearing structure, secondary walls and most of the window frames. Fit out will be made of circular products and bio-based materials. The house will generate its own energy needs, with a fully architecture- and site integrated energy concept.


  • CLIENT Private
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Design
  • PARTNERS Blinqlab:
  • SIZE330 m2 on 1.000 m2 site
  • STATUSDesign