Our projects are diverse and we like it that way. But look closer and you will see they share characteristics that we consider fundamental.                                                                                            Blueroom proposals are: 


Transitioning from a destructive to a regenerative human environment, enabling the restoration of the ecosystem that supports us all


Changing vulnerable contexts into a resilient context that can absorb the changes that climate change presents us with


Applying high-tech, low-tech and no-tech innovations to achieve  project that are beyond CO2 neutral 


A multidisciplinary attitude that allows the integration of all aspects that influence our spatial environment


In order to seduce a large audience to live, work and consume in responsible patterns


Because saving the world can be fun, and in doing so new, undamaging guilty pleasures wait for us



#1  The urgency to seduce

#2  Necessity is the mother of invention

#3 Assigning value, climate positive architecture

#4 If not now, then when? Designing towards resource independence


Lectures selection

Moscow Architecture School (MARCH) - May 2020 - English

Moscow Architecture School (MARCH) - May 2020 - Russian

Izmir Institute of Technology - March 2022 - English


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Mission Blueroom

Our world is in transition. From a linear to a circular economy, from a carbon based to renewable energy. The manner in which cities, communities, buildings, products, services and contract models are conceived and realized change with it.

Simultaneously, in architecture and urbanism, a lot stays the same. The city remains a dynamic but relatively slow and vast organism that does not fundamentally change due to above mentioned developments. It rather absorbs them. To ensure that the city absorbs changes successfully is a core task of designers. The same is true for buildings: The design and production methods may be innovating and in transition, the result remains an assembly of materials that facilitate our activities and desires. To ensure that buildings perform well, and can stand the test of time, is a core task of designers.

We, citizens, consumers and clients, are developing a more responsible understanding of the consequences of our wishes and actions.                                                                                  But also more than ever we allow ourselves to indulge, demand ever better comfort and strive to have unique experiences.

BLUEROOM observes that this calls for an unapologetically sustainable architecture that does not compromise comfort, but an architecture that is exceptionally attractive. Blueroom elaborates integrated concepts, buildings and products that improve the quality of life in a sustainable manner.  Projects focus on quality, on acting as CO2  sinks and on the integration of vegetation into the built environment. 

BLUEROOM performs design works based on a Clients brief. Blueroom also initiates concepts and products itself, to involve stakeholders and investors for further elaboration for following stages. Blueroom has access to an excellent network of international project partners for engineering, making work on a wide range of types, scales and complexities possible.

Most of all, at Blueroom we think that a design should speak for itself. Naturally.


Willem van Genugten founder BLUEROOM

Willem van Genugten studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft (TUD), The Netherlands, and at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA. He graduated with honorable mention at TUD with the project 'Tourist Machine', proposing a substantial transformation of the Scheveningen-Bad North Sea Boulevard area.

Willem has 20 years of professional experience working on highly ambitious international projects from first design sketches to construction stage. He started and expanded the Moscow office of Erick van Egeraat (www.erickvanegeraat.com) from a pioneering team of 3, to an all-round team of 25 employees with 15 nationalities. This required a good understanding of HR, PR and the continuous bridging of cultural differences.

Recent works, employed and with Blueroom, include an off-grid villa (sketch design), a holiday house in Poland (built), Sberbank Corporate University Campus (opened), Brno Future Ready resilient city (Competition), the World Expo Rotterdam 2025 ´Delta´s in Transition´ (concept development), several housing projects  (ongoing) and the Architecture and landscape design for the Zenid One demonstration plant (ongoing).

Willem is located in Rotterdam-The Netherlands and Paris-France.


Urban Crossovers - Resilient Solutions

The challenges of the 21st century demand an expanded role and attitude from designers. To expand beyond the conventional architectural designer role, Willem van Genugten has established Urban Crossovers.

Urban Crossovers focusses on accelerating the implementation scaleable CO2  solutions, to move towards a carbon negative society. With a hands on approach and a differentiated network, we identify potential applications of solutions. Either through acting as the local business accelerator for innovative companies from abroad,or by acting as ‘kwartiermaker’ for the combination of solutions in projects or products.

At present Urban Crossovers is representing Climeworks Switzerland  (www.climeworks.com) in The Netherlands, is co-initiator of Zenid Circular Jetfuel and is implementing a series of CO2  negative materials to Dutch projects.  


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